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Climpsons BBQ

Last year saw us turn a shipping container into a full scale commercial kitchen and create a canopy of logs and beams for the BBQ area, Last week saw us give a makeover to the facade of the BBQ area at Climpsons arch in London E8.

Here are some before and after pix.





Bonneville sign

This week saw us complete the sign for the Bonneville in E5.

The metalwork was inspired by Victor Horta, a star of the Belle Époque art nouveau scene of the early 1900s. From Belgium, Victor Horta’s style of architecture and design is a lovely example of this era and his house is now a museum showcasing this era of design in Brussels.

The wooden part of the sign is the same French oak we’ve used on the bar and tables, then the Cnc engraved Bonneville brand done by a local service, cncprojectltd





Bonneville ceiling


These lovely reclaimed ceiling panels were acquired from The Architechtural Forum. They were pulled out of the metropole cinema in London Victoria.
They weigh roughly 600kg each which provided us with the challenge of supporting them, in dependant of the existing ceiling joists.

So with our architect we developed a structure to support them, had an engineer check the drawing and issue calculations. The result is nothing short of satisfying.
Lastly we created the surrounding panels and had a specialist painter come in to weave some magic and create a rusted arch feel to it.

Lastly we had our electrician devise a lighting system to have them lit. The lighting we’ve used is 6 x 2.4m neon tubes per panel. So 12 in total.



The bar we’re building for Scofflaw ltd will be called ‘Bonneville’ where brothers Ruairi and Mark Gilles father originated from in Southern Belgium. Belgian beer will mostly be flowing and old school Belgian cuisine will be on the menu.

The bar is in the final stages of our renovation of an big space and a lot of high end reclaiming. Here are a few sneak pics of what so far has been a fun and challenging project….






The name ‘Scofflaw’ was given to people who broke the prohibition laws back when it was illegal to drink alcohol. Recently for us and my current client, it’s the name of the bar were building. Site is in Lower Clapton and we’ve got loads of interesting and exciting textures, finishes and designs to showcase on this project.

The running theme is degraded posh mansion meets opium den slash Alcatraz. A mouthful and a challenge.








Grow Cnc

I’ve been wanting to get more an
involved in cnc-ing, and what cnc machines can provide for the future of my business practice and processes and saw this article in wired magazine.20140205-150924.jpg

michael warren design has developed this portable cnc machine. And it’s green, comes in a flight case, on the surface looks pretty well made and looks quick to set up. Here it is in action….

Coat hooks


Make a few of these recently. The hooks are made from 20x6mm flat bar bent in a vice. Shaped and softened the ends to stop wear on clothes and then fixed to a slightly gnarled piece of oak with raised and countersunk, slotted wood screws. Inspired by old school gym locker room hooks.

Here are some others using painted truck rope hooks


Latest lamp


Picking up on the current Edison bulb trend, I made this today incorporating one of the larger globe bulbs. The base is an axle stand. I like the green, however I’m gonna have this sand blasted and will clear coat.

Reclaimed Industrial lamps part 2

Over the last couple of years I’ve been experimenting with old lamp parts from vintage salvage remnants to ikea throw outs. Here are two resulting projects.

I found this lovely glass shade at the Well street common fair in May 2013, and like most finds like this, how I repurpose it may take a while to evolve, but this was a joy to finalise.

This lamp consists of a disc from a car brake, a piece of oak, a pair of bicycle handlebars and some interesting lamps fittings I found while passing someone’s house one day. This ended up being a well recieved wedding present.

Pavillion East

Pavillion East is a collaboration between us (re-fuze) and the LFP, for the trampery, Netil house and space studios. And as part of the London Design Festival.

The brief was to create a large wooden box, that on the surface looks pretty ordinary, but opens out to reveals a user friendly space for local artists and designers to showcase their many talents.

The build was an adventure, and the result, quite satisfying. See the video attached for more about it…..