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Lucky Chip Wooden platters

Lucky chip opened its new kitchen ‘Licky Chop’ (which we built from a shipping container) last weekend at Climpsons coffee roastery.

We made wooden serving platters for the unusual BBQ fare they’re serving.

Licky Chop is barbecuing every Thursday – Sunday at Climpson & Sons Coffee Roastery, Arch 374 Helmsley Place E8, off London Fields.



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Climpsons Shipping Container

A few weeks ago we started a project  at Climpsons and Sons Coffee Roastery Arch in London fields area. We’re converting a shipping container into a kitchen takeout servery, for upcoming events at the arch for the coming summer months.

Lucky chip will take up residence in the kitchen with an interesting menu to look out for.

2013-03-28 16.53.56

2013-03-28 16.54.05

LFP re-fuze interview

Alastair from The Living Furniture Project came to my workshop and shot this interview with cameraman Nick Worpole to talk about my designs for the Emerald collection.

Living Furniture Project



A few months back I came across a project on Facebook called the Living Furniture Project. I thought this an interesting and very worthy project so i put re-fuze forward as a contributor, And then met Alastair Sloan

The project basically work like this….

Me and 5 other established designers were invited to create designs based on our favored design processes. These designs are to be made by homeless people from the homeless charity Crisis, who will then be mentored through the making process by carpenters.

The initial collection is called the emerald collection. I will post details of the exibition opening when available.

This is my design, a table and chairs for commercial or domestic use.


Harmonypark Pallet office

December 2012 we started a conversation with a company called Harmonypark about creating a meeting space within their open plan space. A place where they could hold meeting and have a private phone call without disturbing the rest of the space.

Their Ideas were to also have the structure modular and sound insulated. So the materials I chose to use were Pallets for the main , with scaffold planks for the Skeleton, and Pallets for the main wall sections, roof and floor. Then we lined it with reclaimed plywood from building site fencing/hoardings.

2013-02-15 23.46.41

2013-02-12 21.38.35

2013-02-12 21.38.44

Copper pipe curtain rail

Love copper, made this and got a great pipe bender in the process

2013-02-15 12.06.59

2013-02-15 12.07.11


Lab tops Gas pipe tables

These lovely yet simple tables are from  old school science lab tops, with 1″ bsp pipe and fittings for the base. Complete with original graffiti and old chewing gum under tops.

2013-01-31 11.10.36

Ex science lab tops iroko timber with gas pipe base and threaded joints

2013-01-31 11.11.01

Great for restaurant or cafe style tables


Barrio East Reception Cart

After our collaboration with Dtwo design and Barrio East in 2012, we were asked by Barrio to create a piece of furniture for the reception of guests as they enter Barrio. The brief was to take inspiration from the many different areas of the venue. They also asked for it to look like an ice cream cart. A reception desk is its main function, and as a secondly as a mobile bar to allow groups to have a mini bar.

This is what we created….

2012-12-24 09.26.50

2012-12-24 09.26.42 2012-12-24 09.27.03

Baby block Credenza

Pictured is a diamond arrangement made from tessellated, painted and sanded sterling board (OSB). We used similar patterns for work we did for the Dalston Superstore earlier in 2012.

Tessalated Baby block patterned credenza

Tessalated baby block osb

Tessalated osb baby block pattern on plywood


reclaimed occasional tables

Last week Dtwo design handed us a small job of making 5 occasional tables for a bar in holborn, a second site for covent gardens  Salvador & Amanda in new oxford street, London WC1.

The materials used for the tops is another gem salvaged from General woodworking supplies, a shop i mentioned that closed its doors in an earlier post.

Dtwo supplied the lovely turned and carved legs, and we used oak for the rest of it.