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Barrio East Reception Cart

After our collaboration with Dtwo design and Barrio East in 2012, we were asked by Barrio to create a piece of furniture for the reception of guests as they enter Barrio. The brief was to take inspiration from the many different areas of the venue. They also asked for it to look like an ice cream cart. A reception desk is its main function, and as a secondly as a mobile bar to allow groups to have a mini bar.

This is what we created….

2012-12-24 09.26.50

2012-12-24 09.26.42 2012-12-24 09.27.03

Scrap wood seating

Is it unusually stacked fire wood, or seating…. you choose

Friday saw re-fuze turning piles of wood into quality bar seating.

This 3d drawing is what we’re aiming to build as a continuation of this seat. More images to come.

The creation of La Boca in Shoreditch

We’ve been recreating this street scene in Buenos Aires, in Argentina, called ‘La Boca‘, as a 3D backdrop for a stage in a new bar we’re working on in Shoreditch. This area in the bar will also be called ‘La Boca’.

Here’s what it looks like in Argentina:

Here’s how we created it:

The stage area bare wall

Main structure in place

Dressing and painting phase

98% completed



Dalston Superstore back bar

Last monday night saw us install some much needed new back bar shelving to Dalston Superstore. We made chose our design to have hints of art deco, a style of architecture that graces much of the Dalston area and east london. Also made from reclaimed wood and distressed to taste.