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Ponga lamp


My latest lamp creation I call it the Ponga, is a #bootfair vase. Coupled with a nicely crafted piece of mahogany for the base. Wired with some gold braided flex and I’m liking the outcome.


Moa toes

been working on a few new lamps recently in between different projects. And I call this one Moa toes. The Moa was a native bird of New Zealand and became extinct around about the 15th century I believe. It was similar to an emu but much bigger and also flightless.  


Man of war lamp

When I first arrived in Hackney I moved into a basement flat that didn’t have doors, heating, plumbing or electrics, and in the middle of winter. Anyway, most of those got sorted in due time, but during the clear out, I discovered amoungst lots of junk the lovely glass shade featured in this piece.  


It’s absolutely stunning lit up and well worth the effort. 

Inspiration for the base came about from researching steampunk lamps and the different ideas people have made. It was a lot of fun and as always educational in terms of what I learnt and discovered regarding new metal working techniques and electrical methods. And I call it the ‘Man of War’ lamp after the Portuguese man of war jelly fish. 

I chose to make the switch as the only cable I had that worked with the shade and frame, was the spiralized one shown, which needed to be managed neatly. So I achieved this using this industrial looking besa box and a dimmer module from a wall light switch. 

Very pleased with the outcome and I have a few more in the pipeline and will post when finished

Latest Lamp

So this weeks work incorporated this lamp. Bit of experimentation gone into this one in terms of refining my engineering techniques given my limited equipment, illustrated in some of the pix. Some steampunk ideas coming through with this project too. IMG_3697.JPG Pictured is a car disc rotor. I welded a bit of tubing on to the edge to assist with bending tubing for the lamp stem.

IMG_3695.JPG The bent tube stem welded to a hexagonal 2kg grocers weight. And a kettle I hacked to make the shade.

IMG_3701.JPG The union between the stem tube and the shade I created using 1mm gilding metal.

IMG_3712.JPGHere is the lamp wired for testing. I used spirit of salts to oxidise(rust) the steel and shade.

IMG_3717.JPGThe finished article. Found this little toggle switch in a junk shop in Bakers Arms London N17

Copper lamps

Latest addition to my portfolio of hand crafted lamps. Made from large copper plumbing fittings, ip rated led spots and a flexible gooseneck that’d typically be used on a microphone stand.

These will light up the sign we built for the bonneville bar, we also built in London E5.

Latest lamp


Picking up on the current Edison bulb trend, I made this today incorporating one of the larger globe bulbs. The base is an axle stand. I like the green, however I’m gonna have this sand blasted and will clear coat.

Reclaimed industrial Lamps

Light engineering is becoming a regular part of what we’re doing at re-fuze and earlier this year we decided to experiment with some of the broken or disused lamp bits we had kicking about the workshop, acquired over time.

Here is some of what we produced.

This is made from an olive tin, a drain cover, and old table leg and a lovely bit of blue flex that was a roll-up electrical lead.

This one I’ve used an old shoe sole cutting die, a bit of Oak inserted, with a bit of Wenge wood for the stem and the light fitting I acquired from a job strip out.

This lamp I’ve used the top of a stair post. The shade is off an Ikea up-lighter, and various other parts from broken lighting.

This lamp is made from a nice chunk of Teak from a broken door, shaped to suit, a bed slat for the stem, and a waste paper bin. The braided flex, was remnant from a job. The two nuts on the stem are part of a eyelets used to manage the cable behind then stem.

This lamp is made from some parts I found in the yard of my previous home. The round metal disc is a flywheel of some sort, the upright is an old spanner, the base, is again, an old piece of teak that I shaped to suit, and the cable is again another roll up electrical lead. Once again eyelets up the back of the stem were used to manage the cable.

I find that older leads tend to be nice bright colours.

This Lampshade and stem is an old exterior pub sign light, and the brass base plate is an ikea lamp part with the base wood a chuck of Wenge shaped to suit. The cable I bought for a job and is a remnant I kept.

Some interesting experimentation to get to these items and a lot of fun had in the process.