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Early Last week we were contacted by Stuart Langley of the Disappearing dining club to do a table for a company called Broadwick Live. Stuart manages a company that runs pop up dinner and dance events and has been moonlighting as an interior designer. And he asked me to look at making a meeting table that is also a full size table tennis table out of very nice hardwoods. So here’s what got created….


And the following is it’s brief history of the build process…..

The top is made of these reclaimed Iroko school laboratory work surfaces from the guys at Reclaimed Uk. They say the tops came out of a school in Crosby in the Liverpool area built in the late 60s.
The frame is made from new Ash, supplied and machined by PJ Johnson Timber ltd.
The following pics are a few more stages of the process involved in the making of this piece.







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  1. Steve Kennon says:

    Hello Re-Fuze

    Wow! I have been looking for a new meeting table for our office and thought about using a solid table tennis table but yours is a step above. Can I ask how much a project like that would cost. Very interested but only a small company.



  2. Damien says:

    Im looking for a table for our new meeting room and Steve’s comment above caught my eye. Many of our company employees including the FD want to be able to play table tennis in the meeting room. How much would a table like this cost with dimensions 274 x 152?
    Regards Damien

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