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Lab tops Gas pipe tables

These lovely yet simple tables are from¬† old school science lab tops, with 1″ bsp pipe and fittings for the base. Complete with original graffiti and old chewing gum under tops.

2013-01-31 11.10.36

Ex science lab tops iroko timber with gas pipe base and threaded joints

2013-01-31 11.11.01

Great for restaurant or cafe style tables


General Woodwork Supplies Stoke Newington

I was in Stoke Newington today at a favorite Hardware store called General Woodwork Supplies. Why its a favorite is because of its history, its nostalgic charm and far from corporate image.

Three guy guys run the place, two of them are sons of the the founder, Harry Cohen, and he established the store in 1947. The other guy Jef is a brother in law of the two sons, David and Michael….with their mother of 99yrs still doing the book keeping. They are shutting up shop simply because they are all retiring.

Harry Cohen, was a master Woodworker and his commisions could have been seen on the Titanic and in the Whitehouse. You can see remnants of his work including a self designed shoe box with shoe storage in the bottom and a compartment on top, under the lid for your Polish to put a shine to your shoes.

They will be shutting the doors in September and what is coming up from the basement, on sale, is lots of 50s and 60s hardware gems like lovely bakerlite handles and catches and loads of interesting hardware. I found a lovely piece of retro formica for £10. Definitely of a by gone era as the new formica of today is less than half the thickness

If you wanna give some of your old furniture an interesting makeover, I recommend you head down there before its gone forever.