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Lab tops Gas pipe tables

These lovely yet simple tables are from  old school science lab tops, with 1″ bsp pipe and fittings for the base. Complete with original graffiti and old chewing gum under tops.

2013-01-31 11.10.36

Ex science lab tops iroko timber with gas pipe base and threaded joints

2013-01-31 11.11.01

Great for restaurant or cafe style tables


Reclaimed Paint?

For most of us painting means rolling up our sleeves on our weekends, holidays or/and days of to get the job done. And it can be a costly business.

If you’re in London and want some cheaper options, I often pass by a rack like this each time I go into Leylands diy shops. Paints that have been wrongly mixed or not collected and are at bargain prices. Some colours are a bit garish, but could liven up the front room, or breathe new life into a piece of furniture. £5 a pot for some! no complaints from me.