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Bottle display shelving for new shop on Broadway Market

We’ve begun a shop fit project for a new artisan beer and wine merchant on Broadway Market, East London.

One aspect of the job has been to design a shelving system that would manage their bottled products. They chose to use scaffold planks for the reclaimed aesthetic with supporting metal poles go through the shelves.





Pedestal table

Recently we moved workshop – into a bigger space – and the move meant that discovered lots of things stashed away. From one of the items we found, we created a pedestal table that is now in a flat that we renovated last year.

The top is made from laminated birch ply, with walnut veneer as the top. The pedestal base was given to us by a friend who didn’t have a use for it and was slowly dying in his yard, under a plastic cover. So we rescued it, gave it some paint and varnish.



Reclaimed industrial Lamps

Light engineering is becoming a regular part of what we’re doing at re-fuze and earlier this year we decided to experiment with some of the broken or disused lamp bits we had kicking about the workshop, acquired over time.

Here is some of what we produced.

This is made from an olive tin, a drain cover, and old table leg and a lovely bit of blue flex that was a roll-up electrical lead.

This one I’ve used an old shoe sole cutting die, a bit of Oak inserted, with a bit of Wenge wood for the stem and the light fitting I acquired from a job strip out.

This lamp I’ve used the top of a stair post. The shade is off an Ikea up-lighter, and various other parts from broken lighting.

This lamp is made from a nice chunk of Teak from a broken door, shaped to suit, a bed slat for the stem, and a waste paper bin. The braided flex, was remnant from a job. The two nuts on the stem are part of a eyelets used to manage the cable behind then stem.

This lamp is made from some parts I found in the yard of my previous home. The round metal disc is a flywheel of some sort, the upright is an old spanner, the base, is again, an old piece of teak that I shaped to suit, and the cable is again another roll up electrical lead. Once again eyelets up the back of the stem were used to manage the cable.

I find that older leads tend to be nice bright colours.

This Lampshade and stem is an old exterior pub sign light, and the brass base plate is an ikea lamp part with the base wood a chuck of Wenge shaped to suit. The cable I bought for a job and is a remnant I kept.

Some interesting experimentation to get to these items and a lot of fun had in the process.

Scrap wood seating

Is it unusually stacked fire wood, or seating…. you choose

Friday saw re-fuze turning piles of wood into quality bar seating.

This 3d drawing is what we’re aiming to build as a continuation of this seat. More images to come.