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Coat hooks


Make a few of these recently. The hooks are made from 20x6mm flat bar bent in a vice. Shaped and softened the ends to stop wear on clothes and then fixed to a slightly gnarled piece of oak with raised and countersunk, slotted wood screws. Inspired by old school gym locker room hooks.

Here are some others using painted truck rope hooks


Copper pipe curtain rail

Love copper, made this and got a great pipe bender in the process

2013-02-15 12.06.59

2013-02-15 12.07.11


Baby block Credenza

Pictured is a diamond arrangement made from tessellated, painted and sanded sterling board (OSB). We used similar patterns for work we did for the Dalston Superstore earlier in 2012.

Tessalated Baby block patterned credenza

Tessalated baby block osb

Tessalated osb baby block pattern on plywood