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September designs

September has seen us finish a body of work comprising tables for barrio central, a London west end bar, part of the barrio bars crew, who have 3 barrio bars in London.







Snakes n tables

Made 6 x cafe/bar style tables this week. All 60x60cm that, when pushed together, form my interpret ion of snake skin. 20140713-084205-31325088.jpg


Meeting/Table tennis table

Early Last week we were contacted by Stuart Langley of the Disappearing dining club to do a table for a company called Broadwick Live. Stuart manages a company that runs pop up dinner and dance events and has been moonlighting as an interior designer. And he asked me to look at making a meeting table that is also a full size table tennis table out of very nice hardwoods. So here’s what got created….


And the following is it’s brief history of the build process…..

The top is made of these reclaimed Iroko school laboratory work surfaces from the guys at Reclaimed Uk. They say the tops came out of a school in Crosby in the Liverpool area built in the late 60s.
The frame is made from new Ash, supplied and machined by PJ Johnson Timber ltd.
The following pics are a few more stages of the process involved in the making of this piece.






Climpsons BBQ

Last year saw us turn a shipping container into a full scale commercial kitchen and create a canopy of logs and beams for the BBQ area, Last week saw us give a makeover to the facade of the BBQ area at Climpsons arch in London E8.

Here are some before and after pix.





Living Furniture Project



A few months back I came across a project on Facebook called the Living Furniture Project. I thought this an interesting and very worthy project so i put re-fuze forward as a contributor, And then met Alastair Sloan

The project basically work like this….

Me and 5 other established designers were invited to create designs based on our favored design processes. These designs are to be made by homeless people from the homeless charity Crisis, who will then be mentored through the making process by carpenters.

The initial collection is called the emerald collection. I will post details of the exibition opening when available.

This is my design, a table and chairs for commercial or domestic use.


Pedestal table

Recently we moved workshop – into a bigger space – and the move meant that discovered lots of things stashed away. From one of the items we found, we created a pedestal table that is now in a flat that we renovated last year.

The top is made from laminated birch ply, with walnut veneer as the top. The pedestal base was given to us by a friend who didn’t have a use for it and was slowly dying in his yard, under a plastic cover. So we rescued it, gave it some paint and varnish.



Chevron Gas Pipe Table

I’ve seen many great pieces of furniture and design made from steam pipe and fittings and this week I was asked to produce a sample table base for a client.

I created this design – a yellow chevron pattern.


Table finishing using hand planes

Recently I’ve been making a very large table for a new shop opening soon on Broadway Market in east London. The brief was for a table 3.2m by 1.2m. Initially they wanted it made from scaffold boards, but we discussed materials and decided to go with reclaimed Pitch Pine.

To finish the table top, I went old school, using hand planes. It’s been a while since I’ve taken on finishing a table this way and it was a very satisfying process…. Now for some woodwork geek-out….

First thing to do was to sharpen up all 5 of the blades for my Stanley No. 6 plane on an oil stone to razor sharpness and to sharpen the blades for my block planes.

I made diagonal strokes across the top to take off any high spots, making the top as flat as possible, using the Stanley plane. Then I made long strokes with the grain with the block plane set very fine.

I used wire wool to rub the surface using ’00’ grade. This process takes off any wood fibres sticking up and provides a gentle polishing of the surface.

Nearing the end, I chose to oil the top with ‘Osmo oil‘. A lovely natural oil. (Nearly) finally, after 24hrs, I further polished the table with ‘0000’ wire wool and oil again.

This process I will repeat another 4 times to build up a generous coating of the top over a few weeks.

After doing all that, I created a custom made steel table frame.