Copper pipe curtain rail

Love copper, made this and got a great pipe bender in the process

2013-02-15 12.06.59

2013-02-15 12.07.11



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  1. Caroline says:

    Hi I really like this idea, but how did you fix the copper pipe to the wall? We have heavy wool curtains and worried they might be too heavy for a copper pipe. Did you have any problems with it bending under the weight? Hope you can answer my questions, look forward to hearing from you

    • Geoff says: (Author)

      Hi there,

      I sleeved 22mm copper pipe with 20mm metal conduit to strengthen. Then bent the two together. Hope this helps

  2. lavinia says:

    How have you attached the pole to the wall? Not just at each end surely, as that wouldn’t be strong enough?

    Thanks. Love the look, going for it myself.


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